Hi, I am Katy!


To have another language is to possess a second soul”  – Charlemagne.

I know just how true this is. I grew up bilingually, speaking both English and German. After school I did a lot of travelling, to finance this I never shied away from challenges, learning a lot of new skills that give me colourful and varied professional background.

What never let me go was the magic of languages, I learnt Spanish while travelling and with three languages on my plate, it came naturally to me to want to expand my knowledge and love for the spoken and written word. So, I enrolled in the University of Graz and three years later I emerged with a degree in translating and interpreting in both English and Spanish (German being the mother tongue).

Internships led me to my first contracts and I have been working freelance as a language professional since 2018. I enjoy the freedom and flexibility this job offers and the knowledge I am able to acquire in the process. When working on a project I am enduring, pay attention to detail and am passionate about getting it just right. I adore language and love to explore the infinite possibilities of applying it in different ways.

When I asked a friend to describe me in a few words her paper said: bold, critical, searching, full of ideas, organisational talent. I am always searching and re-searching. Be it opportunities, new insights, challenges, or new pathways

What I enjoy doing in my free time